Our company, LAKA INDONESIA is the first online store in Indonesia which specialized in copper based furnishing and art pieces. Being a growing company, LAKA is committed to create and produce high quality products with affordable price. We are proud to be the pioneer in modern marketing within the copper industry, LAKA INDONESIA offers sophisticated design in products with high quality material. Most of our products are meticulously handmade by the hand of our own craftsmen which makes each of them unique and different from one another.

Our Values

As a representative of all artisan copper producer in Indonesia, LAKA INDONESIA is committed to offer selection of high quality products with customer orientedservices from our marketing team.

Real Copper

LAKA INDONESIA products are made with high quality copper. We ensure our suppliers to provide us with only the finest raw materials within our strictly applied quality control.

Indonesian Craftsmanship

Most of our products are handmade with passion and the love of art. The beauty of each character that produce each item makes every products unique and have a slight difference from one and another.

Affordable Art

LAKA Indonesia offers up-to-date design with competitive pricing. We believe in building concept and good collaboration with fellow interior designers, such partnership made us possible to deliver efficiency in production which at the end push down our pricing in the market.

Well Experienced.

LAKA INDONESIA have had a long history in copper making. Our workshop at Cepogo Boyolali, the center of Indonesian copper industry, has established for more than 40 years.

Modern Design

We believe our business relies on modern and adaptive product design. We invest our time to explore conceptual design which not only aesthetic and the sight for sore eyes but also have functional features.

Sustainable Business

Our workshop employs well-experienced local copper craftmen. Our business has been a backbone for many Boyolali’s head of families. It is more than a business, it is a heritage.

Our Team

Handiq Ulum

He is the second generation of one of the oldest copper producer family in Cepego. He started in studying and worked for 15 years in oil industry across the globe when he finally decided to be the mastermind of LAKA INDONESIA. He bring his experience to the business and with his leadership, LAKA INDONESIA now has evolved into a modern and conceptual consumer minded business.

Dewi Sri Handayani

Dewi brings her past experience in managing Sugar Babe, an F&B catering company, and applies them into LAKA INDONESIA business as her role as the marketing manager. Her background in Accounting also helps LAKA INDONESIA transforming into an effective growing online business.


Solechan Sumadi

Solechan is the business advisor for LAKA INDONESIA. His 40 years experience in construction industry brings knowledge and wisdom for the all the team. He has a great vision and the same time know how to implement it into actionplans.